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Maths skills are vital for your child's future

As parents we want our children to achieve their full academic potential but sadly this cannot always be guaranteed at school where teachers may not have time to answer all the questions asked nor the resources to deal with every student's needs. 

With a subject like Maths, it is vital for students to stay on top of the course since the work is cumulative, that is, one topic normally builds upon another and so an understanding of these earlier subjects is necessary in order to progress through the syllabus.  Lose your way early on and it's very hard to catch up.  Reigate Tutors can provide the additional support needed to help each student build a solid foundation.

In recent times, we have seen the process of university and job applications become increasingly competitive and as a result,  grades achieved at school are taking on a greater significance than in the past.  A-star grades in GCSE and A-levels are here to stay, raising the bar again for students.  We can't promise every student an A-star result, but we can certainly help those with potential, who are also prepared to put in the hard work necessary, to reach for this goal. 

Any student, regardless of the level at which they are currently performing, should not be afraid to seek help with us as it's rarely too late to make significant improvements.

Having a good ability at school Maths should help each student make the best choice of university courses and careers.  It is unfortunate that so many young people  label Maths as "boring" as there are many exciting science, engineering, computing and financial services career opportunities for which Maths skills are  essential.  It seems a great shame that some students will have effectively rejected these roles at such a young age.

I have yet to hear of anyone who regretted mastering Maths at school.

Parents are welcome to stay during each tutorial session.