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Client Testimonials

DN from Reigate

"I just wanted to place on record our sincere thanks for your excellent support for our son with his Maths and Physics A levels.  So many times you have been an “instant fix” to the mystery of a topic covered in class (much to his relief) which has enabled him to understand the concept and move forward with confidence and enjoy the more dastardly and lengthy calculations. In particular, his Pure Maths exam result owes much to your guidance and will serve him well going forward. "


EL from Reigate

"...... and thank you so much for all your patience and support - he couldn't have achieved a 6 (in maths) without you."


FC from Redhill

"Just letting you know I managed to get a B in maths and I’m over the moon, so thank you for all your help!!"

HJ from Reigate

"Just thought I'd let you know that I have got into .......... uni (1st choice) with an A in maths, B in physics, and C in computing. 
Thanks for all your help. "

JF from Reigate

"I was really pleased with my results as I got As in all my papers, with 98 in C1, 80 in C2 and 96 in M1"


FM from Reigate

"Thank you! My son is really enjoying your sessions and says you are a great teacher who explains things really well.  It also seems as if he's actually enjoying maths, which is a miracle"


FK from Redhill

"William's tutor sessions have been excellent: not only improving my son's grades, also his interest in the subject.  William's teaching methods and approach gave my son the confidence and skills needed to tackle and even enjoy practising some of the difficult topics.  I am convinced that William's tutoring helped him achieve an A at GCSE level and a B at A level."


DF from Reigate

"We wanted to let you know that my daughter got an A in her Maths.  Thanks very much for all your help.  She has also secured a place at her first choice university.  Thanks once again and I hope you find some more students in the coming year so you can help them achieve their results!"


BT from Earlswood

"Can't thank you enough for constantly giving me the support and motivation I needed throughout GCSE and A level Maths and Physics. Without your help it's unlikely I would have got my top choice university to do Physics!"


KT from Reigate

"I just thought I'd let you know that I got an A* in my GCSE maths. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this, I know I couldn't have done it without your help. "


JO from Reigate

"Thanks again for your help over the past couple of years.  I feel without it I would have struggled to pass at all,  let alone make it to (my first choice university)"


NJ from Reigate

"Thank you for all the help you have given me over the past year . . .You helped me gain confidence in Maths and improved my skills that will be incredibly important as I go on to A level Maths"


DG from Reigate

"Thank you for all your support for my daughter in A Level Physics and Maths. She got A*s in both"


FN from Reigate

"Your help with A level Maths made such a difference.  I managed to get an A grade (overall 87%) which was so much better than I expected !"


FI from Redhill

"I am extremely pleased to tell you that my son has got As in both Physics and Maths GCSEs . . . . Thank you once again for all your contribution towards his success. We are genuinely grateful for all your help."


IN from Reigate

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with my physics and maths. I got an A in physics and 94% in mechanics which I would have not got without you! "


DF from Reigate

"I wanted to thank you so much for all the help you gave my son. He has achieved an A* in Maths and this result has enabled him to have his place at university confirmed."


CG from Reigate

"It is clear that William knows both the subject and syllabus thoroughly, and is a very calm and patient teacher.  My son benefited hugely from some tutoring sessions before his GCSE maths exam and was rewarded with a top grade, which I doubt he would have achieved without William's help - many thanks!"


AP from Dorking

"During weekly sessions, William, with amazing patience and understanding, raised my Physics mark from an E to an A and helped me to understand more than I had throughout my whole A level course and I began to enjoy Physics again.  I wish I had found him sooner!"


CB from Reigate

"Thank you very much for supporting and guiding my son through his GCSE maths revision. He has definitely benefited from your sessions"


SO from Reigate

"My son got a Level 5 in his KS2 SATS, so exactly what he was aiming for.  Thank you for your help as it made the difference and gave him extra confidence"


AM from Merstham

"William is infinitely patient and is happy to explain a problem several times over, if that is what is needed.  William helped me to get enjoyment from doing Maths again, which was a definite plus!"


EB from Reigate

"William helped me achieve the top grade in A-level Maths a year early.  His patient and supportive manner meant I was never afraid to say when I didn't understand something."


CF from Reigate   

"My daughter really enjoys her tutorial sessions, which have increased her confidence and her grades. William’s calm and empathetic style means she feels listened to, and supported, in areas where she needs extra help and guidance."


JD from Merstham

"For my part, I noticed that my daughter appreciated your calm demeanour, coupled with a strong sense of purpose. She always thoroughly enjoyed her sessions"