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Interesting Links on Maths and Physics


Below are a few links to websites which I hope you find interesting and useful.  They cover a very wide range of topics but also highlight many of the fascinating individuals who have pushed the boundaries of human knowledge.  Many of these scientists and mathematicians have also been outstanding teachers and exponents of their subjects.


Brief Description Link
Sean Carroll is a physicist specializing in general relativity and cosmology.  He writes a very entertaining and informative blog called Preposterous Universe.  Author of the award winning book on the discovery of the Higgs boson, "The Particle at the End of the Universe"
The Physics Department of the University of Nottingham has put together a really, really excellent series of short videos about a wide range of physics topics.  I cannot recommend this site highly enough
The website of Prof. Brian Cox, as seen on TV !  He and Robin Ince host the BBC Radio 4 science based panel show "The Infinite Monkey Cage".  Often very funny but at the same time thought provoking
Richard Feynman, one of the smartest and funniest physicists ever.  A real "curious character".  He never took anything at face value and spent his life unravelling nature's secrets
Take a trip to Saturn with the fabulous Dr. Carolyn Porco.  The Cassini mission has spent the last decade orbiting Saturn and its 63 moons.  Enceladus looks like it could contain liquid water beneath its surface and therefore might host life . . .  but not as we know it, Jim
Brilliant planetary scientist - creator of the book and TV series "Cosmos"
For those who like a real challenge, there are the "Theoretical Minimum" books and online lectures by world renown physicist Prof. Leonard Susskind of Stamford University, CA.  These courses cover classical mechanics, relativity and quantum mechanics.  If you want a taste of physics at university level, this is a good place to start
CERN, where they tracked down the famous Higgs boson in 2012 using the Large Hadron Collider
General interest in physics stuff
A great science resource
Dr. Simon Singh.  Brilliant author and broadcaster on all subjects mathematical and scientific.  Maker of the Horizon programme "Fermat's Last Theorem"
Stephen Hawking was the most famous physicist of recent times - as seen on "The Simpsons", "Star Trek" and many other TV shows.  Now made even more famous by Eddie Redmayne in the film "The Theory of Everything"
Another amazing American scientist, Dr. Michio Kaku, author and broadcaster.  "Hyperspace",  a mind-bending book
Prof. Brian Greene is the author of "The Elegant Universe".  Always on sale in book shops because it is so good
The most popular British scientific publication.  Very accessible content
Alan Turing was a British mathematician who helped crack the German military codes in WW2.  Amazing story of unsung heroes.  Now Alan and his story is better known through Benedict Cumberbach in "The Imitation Game"
Great maths challenges and fun, suitable for all levels
More maths general interest
The ultimate maths resource.  Really useful for A Level maths students for checking the answers to difficult differentiation and integration questions. Also handy for checking what certain functions look like in sketch form